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E-learning, online courses, distance learning The Astro Salus company was founded in 2009 in Tychy, Poland. This is also where the initial activity was conducted.

The Astro Salus main office is located in Katowice, while the registered office of Astro Salus Education is in London.

The founder of the company is Marta Pyrchała-Zarzycka. She possesses a number of different qualifications documented by relevant certificates and diplomas. More about the company founder on the subpage About the founder of Astro Salus

At first, Astro Salus offered only a few types of courses and treatments, and the kursy-internetowe.com domain did not have many subpages. However, the company's development is progressing rapidly and its offer continues to grow thanks to new, interesting services being added. Today, Astro Salus offers many courses in Polish, treatments and advice in the field of natural medicine and personal development . An extensive website contains lots of valuable and useful information. Some courses are already available in English, and their number will continue to grow.

The offer range of Astro Salus is constantly growing and will continue to do so.

Legal form of the Astro Salus company

Astro Salus operates in two different legal forms:
  • as one-person business in Poland,
  • and since 2013 in the United Kingdom as a private limited company Astro Salus Education.

  • What makes Astro Salus unique

    Astro Salus is managed creatively and moves with the times. The proof of this is implementing online courses accessed by distance learning platform. E-learning is a modern form of education available for those who either live abroad or simply, for various reasons, cannot show up for the course in person.
    This method of learning requires only a computer and the Internet. Learning can therefore take place no matter where you stay and at the time of your choice.

    There are no boundaries for Astro Salus.
    First online training courses have already been available since January 2013 (in polish version of language).

    For Astro Salus there are also no boundaries in terms of age limit. Right now, personal development courses for children and young people are being created. So, if you want something more for you child, or you think that school education is not enough for him or her to achieve success and be happy, keep an eye on the Astro Salus news. We will soon release information about opening up special training for children and young people.

    Astro Salus is not only an educational and pro-health company, but also a publishing house. The domain will soon be expanded by an online bookstore where you will be able to purchase books on natural medicine and personal development. Many publications will also be available in two versions: electronic (cheaper one) and paper (slightly more expensive).

    The Mission of Astro Salus

    Astro Salus is a company with a mission. Its key elements are:

  • educating people of all ages in the field of subjects dealing with achieving health by natural methods,
  • teaching and training in the field of personal development,
  • education in entrepreneurship,
  • assisting in the exploration of oneself and one's capabilities,
  • promoting healthy lifestyle,
  • providing guidance and support in personality formation and letting go of negative traits,
  • building pro-environmental attitudes,
  • promoting entrepreneurship,
  • assistance in expanding one's capabilities.

  • The aim is to help build a healthier, happier and more self-conscious society. These intentions are to be met through effective, modern and practical teaching that is used and is constantly developed by Astro Salus.

    The Vision of Astro Salus

    Astro Salus is a rapidly growing company with a clear vision of its activity. This vision includes the following aspects:

  • in 2013: implementing - alongside the existing types of personal training - e-learning and correspondence learning in order to allow people who are busy, or live in remote areas of Poland or the rest of world, participate in the courses;

  • in 2014: opening an online bookstore offering thematic books;
  • in 2014: expanding the range of activities by new courses and services on new websites;
  • in 2015: entering the Japanese market with some of the services;
  • in 2015: the school of natural medicine working in the system of blended learning (theory online, practice in person);
  • in 2014: the online school of personal development (annual studies);
  • in 2014: e-learning in English for people of other nationalities;
  • in 2015: translating numerous books published by Astro Salus into English and starting issuing them.