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About me

Marta Pyrchała-Zarzycka My name is Marta Pyrchała-Zarzycka. I run a registered business.
I am a certified bioenergotherapist, Master and Teacher of Reiki, Master of Kundalini Reiki, a cosmetologist.
I am also in possession of the following titles: Cone Master Hopo and Advanced Pranic Healer r and Pranic Psychotherapist.

I am a member of the National Guild of Bioenergotherapists and Dowsers located in Katowice, Poland.
I am also a certified naturotherpaist . My thesis work was on psychoneuroimmunology - a modern medical science studying the impact of the mind on the body.
I defended it successfully.
My supervisor was a medical doctor, Mr. L. Tucholski.

Besides I wrote a thesis "Investing in the foreign exchange market in time of the economic crisis" in Finance and Accounting.

I have also completed the course on the Silva method , one-year fitness course as well as training related to dietetics, including the use of diets in weight loss.
In total, I have completed around 80 training courses in natural medicine, entrepreneurship, dietetics and cosmetics. I have graduated three 2- and 3-year post-secondary schools.

I used to study Physics for a couple of years.
I graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance.

I write books and poems.

In my life I take care of running a business dealing with training courses in natural medicine and personal development .

Ever since I was a child, I believed that the cure for all diseases lies in nature and human minds . This belief has prompted me to gradually familiarize myself with materials available on this subject.
I have read several thousands of books on these subjects, gaining experience and completing courses in the meantime.

Now I'm the one writing books and running courses. And this is just the beginning.

My dream is to establish the first-ever Center of New Thought that would be home to people to whom modern medicine didn't give any chance for health and survival.
They would be, apart from conventional treatment, subject to additional healing by alternative methods, i.e. meditation, forgiveness, faith, affirmations, healing visualizations, massages, different forms of naturotherapy (including physiotherapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, litotherapy) and many other methods based on nature and the power of the mind.
There is much scientific evidence proving that such methods tend to produce amazing results.
This is also where the training center for naturotherapists and other representatives of alternative medicine would be. T
he purpose of such center will be showing people that they are capable of overcoming their illnesses and diseases. The power to do so comes from the depths of their minds and souls.
I wish to put an end to the times when we feel helpless in the face of an illness, which is why I have chosen the path of natural medicine. I want people to have universal access to information that will show them that they have control over their bodies, minds and lives.
I want people to become widely aware of their capabilities, strength and divinity in a way that they only make choices that make the world we live in a better place.
After all, this is the real purpose of our very existence - constant growth and progressive awareness. This is all possible.

My offer

In my offer in English language you will find an ever-expanding list of courses and treatments in the field of natural medicine.


  • Reiki courses - all degrees

  • PsychoNeuroRegulation - mental techniques for health - online course (start in May)

  • Relaxation techniques - online course (start in April)


  • Reiki treatments

  • Pranic healing

  • The list of courses is expanding.

    Why you should choose my services

    In my offer you will find certified courses.

    Diplomas and certificates issued by me:

  • have all the necessary stamps,
  • allow you to perform activities covered by the course in your own business.

  • Courses completed with me:
  • as a person with extensive, and documented by relevant certificates and diplomas, competences I guarantee the high quality of teaching,
  • compared to others, my course programs have a much wider theoretical and practical range;
    they are probably the best programs of its kind;
  • during my courses I often teach, free of charge, additional useful things,

  • after completing the course, you can always count on my free content assistance related to the course subject - I never ignore my students, leaving them without an answer,
  • courses are usually run individually so that all my attention is focused on you,
  • my courses are long enough - I don't shorten them at the expense of the student,
  • attractive course prices.

  • My diplomas and permissions

    It is important that you are sure that the person you are going for a course or treatment has appropriate qualifications. The proof of their expertise and permissions is certificates and diplomas. You should be allowed to have personal insight into them.

    If a person does not want to grant you such insight, you can assume that they do not possess relevant permissions. When choosing the service of such person, there is a risk of not getting what we expect.

    My certificates are displayed on the wall of the place where I run my business. Everyone who comes to me has free access to them.

    My diplomas in energy healing:

  • traditional bioenergotherapy - passed the state exam of apprenticeship (diploma no. 11802),
  • Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho: all degrees, including Master and Teacher,
  • Kundalini Reiki - all degrees, including Master,
  • Gold Reiki - First Degree,
  • Pranic Healing - basic and intermediate (no.182/J.I.O/09),
  • Advanced pranic healing (nr.48/J.I.O/09),
  • Pranic psychotherapy (nr. 16/J.I.O/09),

  • Furthermore, I'm also a member of the National Guild of Bioenergotherapists and Dowsers in Katowice (identity card no.: 061)

    Diplomas in natural therapies and similar:

  • Diploma in Naturotherapy - gives a number of permission from the scope of natural medicine - completion of 5-semester studies ( diploma no.: 000653),
  • Basic course of ears candling,
  • Cone Master Hopi degree - diploma entitling to conducting courses in ear candling with the method used by Hopi Indians,
  • Dietetics in weight loss (no. 067/1),
  • Dietotherapy - nutrition of a healthy and sick person, nutrition of a health and sick child, diet in illness prevention,
  • Huna,
  • the strong>Silva method strong> (no. 41663).

  • My diplomas in cosmetics

  • Diploma attesting vocational competences in the profession of techniques of cosmetic services - gives extensive permissions for performing strong>cosmetic treatments strong> and massages (diploma no.: T//30015076/08). I specialize in body treatments, including slimming treatments with the use of body wrapping. Completed 2-year studies, passed the state exam (certification no.: 3993/2009/L).

  • Certificate allowing to perform lymphatic drainage, including using appropriate devices.
  • Diplomas of participation in the courses of the Jadwiga cosmetics company. These diplomas entitle to performing various cosmetic treatments, including the ones related to body shaping and the use of exfoliating acids. The same company has also provided me with certification of qualifications thereof.

  • Diploma of participation in the cosmetics congress and the "Psychology and marketing" training.

  • Different business and financial diplomas:

  • Trade negotiations in small and medium enterprises (SMEs),
  • How to grow your business? Management systems in SMEs,
  • Internet marketing and e-commerce in SMEs,
  • Quality management in SMEs,
  • Health and safety in the SME sector,
  • Protection of intellectual and industrial property,
  • Market research,
  • Marketing plan in SMEs,
  • E-business,
  • Sales management and customer relationship,
  • Practical issues of public relations and marketing in SMEs,
  • Business plan,
  • Value Added Tax,
  • How to start your own business,
  • Sales techniques,
  • Personnel management,
  • Managing a company during the crisis,
  • Finance for the non-finance,
  • Career planning,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Personal skills,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Professional sekretariat,
  • Teaching skills academy,
  • Tax receipts and disbursement,
  • Basics of financial planning,
  • Basics of e-learning for training companies,
  • Creating e-training based on different scenarios,
  • E-learning training as a mentoring process,
  • Building e-learning training for your own company,
  • Basics of e-learning for training companies,
  • Social media in business.

  • And more.

    Additionally, I possess a certificate of completing two-year studies in Finance and Accounting (no. 3993/2009/2).

    You can be sure that I am competent person.

    My business activity is registered with the appropriate authorities. Tax ID (NIP): 646-272-52-49, COMPANY ID (REGON): 241249974. Company nomber from Astro Salus Education is 08345051. I issue invoices on request.

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