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Our students

Astro Salus allows you learning wherever you want and whenever you want Among those who take advantage of Astro Salus courses are people from all over Poland and the world.

These are men and women of different professions.
We can find here: vendors, directors, cleaners, nurses, miners, factory workers, physiotherapists, truck drivers, beauticians, naturotherapists, hairdressers, CEOs and doctors.

Also students and people not working professionally or running their own business participate in our courses.

Both local people and those from remote areas of Poland, e.g. Warsaw or Poznan, attend our courses.
There are also some foreigners who come here specially for our courses or are taking the advantage of seeing their family in Poland.

Countries where Astro Salus has its students include:

  • USA,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Ireland,
  • Germany,
  • Iceland,
  • Norway,
  • Denmark,
  • Netherlands,
  • Switzerland,
  • Ukraine,
  • Italy,
  • Austria,
  • Canary Islands,
  • UAE.

  • Wherever you are from, whoever you are and whatever your profession is - you can be sure that at Astro Salus you will always be treated with respect.