THE POWER OF IMAGINATION - how the mind affects the body

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THE POWER OF IMAGINATION - imagine your health and you will be healthy

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This article is an excerpt from my course "PsychoNeuroRegulation - how through the mind affect the health"


Psychophysiology of visualization

The power of mind - imagine your health, you will be healthy It's proved that the visual cortex is similarly stimulated, when one can see something in real, as well as when we only imagine things. As a result of this process these impulses are being transported to the limbic system and from there to other parts of the body, having an appropriate influence on our organism.

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The same phenomenon refers to the sensomatic, aural and olfactoral cortex's systems (J. W. Kalat, "Biological bases of psychology"). Therefore so-called medical visualisations have great importance in the process of prevention and regaining your health. Applying this technique might assist positive functioning of the organism.

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Visualisation of calmness


1) Imagine chosen event with all details, seeing exactly the place, things and persons that take part in it.

2) With all your senses feel this situation you imagine - see it, hear it etc. It is important!

3)Feel the enormous calmness. The more positive thoughts and emotions you feel and more details of the event you experience the more you convince your subconscious mind that you can afford the relaxation.

4) Feel as if this what you want, feeling of calmness has already happened to you. This way it will motivate to a greater extend your psychological powers to relaxing activity.

5) Hear as if your family and friends full of joy congratulate you on your victory over the stress and the nervousness and feel happiness, pride and satisfaction from achieving this state.

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  • Method of visualisation by Eveline Monahan

    At the age of 22, Evelyn M. Monahan had an accident resulting in sight loss and paralysis of her left arm; her condition was aggravated further by frequent epileptic seizures. Lack of prospects for improvement in the long term resulted in depression and nervous breakdown.

    On some point, however, Eveline decided to find a way to heal herself; she remembered earlier encountered information concerning so-called miraculous healing and eventually formulated her own, mental, healing technique she practiced three times a day. As she states, she regained sight after ten days, freed herself from epileptic seizures and finally recovered full control in her previously paralysed hand. She chose to share her technique with the world.

    The technique of Evelyne Monahan consists of three parts:

    1. preparation,
    2. appeal to your Superego,
    3. conclusion.

    The general procedure of visualisation by Evelyne Monahan:


    1. Choose a quiet place where you are not likely to be interrupted. Sit in a comfortable chair whose back is high enough to support your head.

    2. Close your eyes, observe your breath for a moment, do not attempt to control it. Relax your whole body.

    3. Breathe deeply through your nose engaging the diaphragm. On the inhalation observe the incoming air with your inner eye and circulate it through your body, eventually arriving in the brain and oxygenating it abundantly. Relax your stomach muscles on the exhalation, relax your body and mind even more. Repeat the exercise three times attempting to deepen the state of relaxation each time.

    The fundamental middle part:

    1. Repeat the following words in your mind: “In the limitless power of my Superego and the profound wisdom of my higher self I command that the enormous supply of energy existing within and outside of me is mobilised to give me peace. I am filling up with peace. I am allowing peace to embrace my body and saturate my mind”

    2. In your mental movie, see yourself calm, relaxed and in a good mood. See yourself surrounded by family and friends hugging you and congratulating you, saying words like “It is great that you are so peaceful and calm. I would never believe it, but it’s a fact. We are incredibly happy, congratulations”. You may reply “Thank you for sharing my happiness. You are right, it is great to be relaxed and at peace”.

    3. Visualise a scene in a doctor’s surgery. The doctor examines your sight and says, surprised: “I don’t understand and can’t explain it from the medical point of view, but I must state that you are totally calm and relaxed. I am very happy for you, congratulations”.


    1.Breathe deeply through your nose. On the intake of breath, observe the air with your inner eye, seeing how it oxygenates your whole body. In your imagination bring the air to your brain. On the exhalation, relax your stomach muscles and deepen the relaxation of your body and mind. Repeat the routine three times, deepening the relaxation even more each time.

    2.Observe your breath for a moment, do not try to control it. Remain relaxed.

    3. Open your eyes and return to daily duties. Practice three times a day.