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THE POWER OF MIND. The curious case of Mr Wright

The power of mind. The curious case of Mr Wright The case of Mr. Wright is a well-documented story which proves that faith can eradicate the most severe disease, or bring death.

Mr. Wright suffered from lymphosarcoma, a malignancy involving the lymph nodes. He had tumors the size of oranges. In addition, he developed increasing anemia. In the end, even the pain killers ceased to be effective for him.

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The doctors had no hope for his recovery. Mr. Wright, however, was still hopeful because he had learned about a new wonder drug which could restore his health. This faith turned out to be salutary. A treatment called Krebiozen was about to be introduced to the market. According to the press releases, it was supposed to be extremely effective.

The clinic, in which Mr. Wright was hospitalized, was chosen to evaluate and test this drug, but only people who were given at least three months to live could be included. Mr. Wright didn't qualify for that experimental treatment - he was given at most three months left to live. However, he begged so insistently that the doctors decided to involve him.

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The treatment consisted of injections given three times per week. After one week, Mr. Wright's doctor expected him to be dead. He visited the room Mr. Wright was staying at. This is how he described his experience:

What a surprise was in store for me! I had left him febrile, gasping for air, completely bedridden. Now, here he was, walking around the ward, chatting happily with the nurses, and spreading his message of good cheer to any one who would listen. Immediately I hastened to see the others who had received their first injection at the same time. No change, or change for the worse, was noted. Only in Mr. Wright was there brilliant improvement. The tumor masses had melted like snowballs on a hot stove, and in only these few days, they were half their original size! This is, of course, far more rapid regression than the most radio-sensitive tumor could display under heavy X-ray given every day. And we already knew his tumor was no longer sensitive to irradiation. Also, he had had no other treatment outside of the single useless "shot." (source: Ernest Rossi "The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis").

In 10 days, Mr. Wright was cured of deadly disease. The drug, however, turned out to be ineffective. Thus, it was assumed that Mr. Wright's conviction of the drug's effectiveness prevailed.

After two months, in the press began to appear reports of the ineffectiveness of Krebiozen. Mr. Wright began to worry. Finally, he had completely lost his faith in the drug's effectiveness. Despite a full recovery, he again fell in a similar disease state.

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The doctor in charge understood how big Mr. Wright's faith was, and he decided to deceive his patient. He told Mr. Wright that the drug was truly effective and powerful, it just lost its strength. There was, however, expected another shipment of a new, refined and double-strength product, which was going to be applied to Mr. Wright. The patient's hope was restored. The doctor began to inject him with a water solution. The doctor's description of the experience was as follows:

"Recovery from his second near-terminal state was even more dramatic than the first. Tumor masses melted, chest fluid vanished, he became ambulatory, and even went back to flying again. At this time he was certainly the picture of health. The water injections were continued, since they worked such wonders. He then remained symptom-free for over two months. At this time the final AMA announcement appeared in the press--"nationwide test show Krebiozen to be a worthless drug in the treatment of cancer.
Within a few days of this report, Mr. Wright was readmitted to the hospital in extremis. His faith was now gone, his last hope vanished, and he succumbed in less than two days."

As you can see, your faith can help you beat even the most severe disease, or cause death. It is up to you how you choose to direct your mind.

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