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THE POWER OF MIND - articles

These articles are fragments of my course "PsychoNeuroRegulation - how to affect the health by the mind" The power of mind.

  • PsychoNeuroImmunology - Your mind affects your health. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is a branch of medical science, studying interactions between the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

  • Psychosomatic medicine - Numerous physicians and psychiatrists notice, in their everyday practice, that certain diseases can develop in association with negative emotions felt by the patient. Your emotions affect your health.

  • Experiments - the power of mind, scientific and medical research studies.

  • Courious case - The power of mind. The case of Mr. Wright is a well-documented story which proves that faith can eradicate the most severe disease, or bring death. Mr. Wright had tumors the size of oranges. The doctors had no hope for his recovery. But Mr Wright had recovered.

  • Placebo effect - Placebo it is neutral to the organism. However, it often causes a positive reaction in form of alleviation or complete healing of a disease. Read about it to learn more.

  • The power of imagination - It's proved that the visual cortex is similarly stimulated, when one can see something in real, as well as when we only imagine things. Therefore so-called medical visualisations have great importance in the process of prevention and regaining your health. Read more about it.

  • Emotions and health Your emotions impact the nervous system and the immune system. When we are suffering from a long lasting decrease in mood, it is easier to develop a disease, for example contract an infection. This correlation, has also been tested by numerous scientists.

  • Hypnosis - hypnosis and hypotherapy has been used in medicine for many years, not only in psychiatry because of it's therapeutic values.
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    Reiki - discover healing energy in your hands

    Courses of Reiki therapy

    What is Reiki? Reiki it's a healing energy.
    The positive effect of Reiki on health is scientifically proved. That is why Reiki is commonly used in hospital and beauty salons in many countries.
    You can learn, how to use it to improve the health of yours and others. With Reiki courses you will be able to freely use Reiki therapy on your own. Take your health into your own hands - learn and use Reiki treatments...

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    E-learning, online courses, distance learning

    E-learning is a modern and convenient method of the acquisition of knowledge. Thanks to it, you can complete courses from anywhere in the world, at the time of your choice. All you need is a computer and the Internet.
    You can learn and improve your knowledge without leaving your home!
    Besides thanks to e-learning you save your money and time...

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    PsychoNeuroRegulation - how to use the power of mind to heal yourself

    Use your mind to heal yourself

    Your mind affects your health! Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, stress or relaxation are of great significance to the immunity of your body to illnesses and diseases. These facts have all been proven by modern medical science called psychoneuroimmunology. You can find out how the mind affects health from a scientific point of view. You can also learn mental techniques that will make your health better! And all this without even leaving home...

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    Relaxation techniques - how to relieve stress and be healthier


    According to many scholars, stress is the cause of all illnesses and diseases since it lowers the body's immunity. It is also believed that stress increases the risk of cancer. Besides, stress has a negative impact on mental health as well as the quality of work and relationships.
    You don't have to give in to stress!
    Learn how to relax effectively, increase resistance to stress and level its pernicious effects...

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