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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

In physics, like in electricity, there are many types of energy. In natural medicine, we also distinguish many different types of energy. These are for example: chi, prana and Reiki. Reiki is a healing energy. Reiki treatment is a Japanese biotherapy. It is a natural, effective and very safe method of healing.

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The effectiveness of Reiki treatments is scientifically proven. Therefore Reiki is used not only in offices of naturotherapists and biotherapists, but also in many hospitals around the world. In addition, the method Reiki is often used by the massage therapists, physiotherapists and beauticians.

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Everybody can learn Reiki treatment. You can get a benefits from Reiki therapy too. You can learn how to use Reiki therapy through Reiki courses. Up

What will you gain from Reiki courses

What will you gain from Reiki courses

Learning Reiki therapy brings many benefits. For example, you will:
  • increase chances of recovery for you and your loved ones,
  • speed up your recovery,
  • improve your health so you will feel better,
  • increase self-reliance and independence in the process of recovery,
  • develop responsibility for your life and health,
  • cleanse your body which contributes to your well-being,
  • improve the state of your chakras and thus improve your physical and mental health,
  • increase your body's immunity,
  • feel stronger in general,
  • be able to get rid of negative energies from food, things and rooms and thus you will get rid of negative influences from your surroundings,
  • live longer,
  • be able to enjoy looking young for longer,
  • speed up your personal development,
  • be able to help others, e.g. your loved ones, animals and plants,
  • strengthen your spiritual development,
  • gain the ability of professional operation in this matter thanks to the diploma you have received.
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    Who can join the course of Reiki

    Who can join the course of Reiki

    Everyone can join Reiki courses.
  • sick people who are seeking to improve their health,
  • people, whose loved ones are in grave condition, will be able to help their friends and families after completing the course,
  • people engaged in natural therapies can extend their knowledge, skills and abilities,
  • people with an interest in spiritual development will also find the training beneficial,
  • first-degree courses may also be attended by children,
  • it is no problem for Catholics to take these courses; this has been confirmed by Polish Archibishop Bolesław Pylak. Also Pope John Paul II spoke positively of this method. Up

    What will you learn through Reiki courses with me

    What will you learn through Reiki courses with me

    The first degree of Reiki course

    consists of two parts:

    1. theoretical, that will help you understand the functioning of Reiki and the emergence of diseases; diagnose and choose the treatment according to the symptoms; advise others in matters of health; you will also learn safety rules, the principles of Reiki and their meaning; you will find out what is aura, and what are the links between chakras, and emotions and organs;

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    2. practical, where you are going to perform operations of cleansing negative energy and energizing of: food, things (including, e.g., crystals), drinks and rooms. You will also learn what are the benefits of such activities. In addition, you will learn to help: plants, animals, yourself and other people. As for the treatments for yourself and others, you will get to know unique additional treatments.

    Here you receive 4 initiations. Initiation is a special energy treatment that causes cleansing and broadening of energetic centers (chakras) and energy channels (meridians). This will help you send an increased amount of energy.

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    The first degree of Reiki allows you to:
  • use different self-healing techniques - you will get a chance to live healthier,
  • use various forms of therapies of other people - you will be able to help your loved ones and others,
  • healing animals - your pet will be healthier!
  • improving health of plants - you will improve the condition of your home garden,
  • cleansing things of negative energies -so-called jinxes will cease to be a problem for you,
  • cleansing rooms of negative energies - you will feel safe in your home,
  • cleansing food of negative energy (e.g. meat) - you will stop absorbing them,
  • energizing food, beverages, things, rooms - you will make them beneficial for you and your loved ones.
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    The second degree of Reiki

    allows you to:
  • several times greater energy flow compared to the First Degree - increased capacity to heal,
  • heal others from a distance - spatial barriers will cease to exist for you,
  • free yourself and others from past traumas - you will find it easier to attain happiness and inner peace,
  • purify present situations,
  • increase capabilities for self-improvement,
  • help others more efficiently,
  • encounter more happy moments in your life,
  • 3 initiations,
  • learn special signs.
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    The third degree of Reiki

    It's a Master and Teacher degree. Here, in addition to deepening your energy flow, you learn how to initiate others so that they, too, can take advantage of this beneficent power, as well as write scriptures to Reiki with regards to teaching and running a business. You will also learn about additional practices connected to Reiki. Up

    Place and prices

    Place and prices

    My Reiki courses usually take place in Poland, in Katowice.

    Price of the first degree of Reiki training
    (about 10 hours, without breaks):
    150 USD
    100 GBP
    125 EUR
    170 CAD/CAN
    160 AUD

    Price of the second degree of Reiki course:
    (about 6 hours, if you have a first degree with me, about 10 hours, if you don't)
    Are the same, as the first one.

    Price of the third degree of Reiki classes (master and teacher)- with preparation for teaching:
    (It's takes 2 days, if you don't have the first degree with me)
    800 USD
    500 GBP
    625 EUR
    925 CAD/CAN
    890 AUD



    Do you want more details? Read website or contact me.

    For all the questions I answer regularly.

    My e-mail:

    You can also use the contact form below. Up


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