SIMPLE WAYS TO RELAX - how to cope with stress

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You can cope with stress - simple ways to relax

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This text is an excerpt from my course "Relaxation techniques and stress management"

Simple ways to relax

Relaxation, stress and health. Simple ways to relax Nowadays, stress is a widespred phenomenon. It is considered one of the main causes of diseases because it lowers the immunity of the body. However, one can prevent it by regular relaxation. How to do it? It is sufficient to perform some of the exercises from the following list 1-3 times a day for 5-30 minutes.

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Relaxing exercise 1:

Counting from 100 to 1.
In addition to relaxation, this exercise teaches how to concentrate. To enhance this effect you can count using a different method: 100, 99 and then back up to one hundred counting: 100, 99, 98, 100 and then again, 99, 98, 97, and so on.

Performing this simple technique, you should sit down in a quiet place where no one will disturb and close your eyes. Studies have shown that, after closing your eyes, the brain begins to emit alpha waves reflecting peace of mind.

Note: Take your time with counting. Think or see in your mind the number 100. You can imagine that you write number 100 on the school board, then erase it with a sponge and write 99 and so on. Additionally, you can speak a number in mind. This exercise can also facilitate sleep.

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Relaxing exercise 2:

Relax with a focus on the breath.
Sit or lie down comfortably. To deepen the relaxation you can turn quiet, relaxing music on and light a stick of incense. You have to close your eyes and breathe calmly focusing on the process. This exercise can be performed any number of times. It is recommended especially if you have trouble falling asleep and in case of the occurrence of stressful situations.

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Relaxing exercise 3:

Your safe place.
Please relax and lie down or sit in silence. Then imagine a stay in a pleasant for you and safe place. This can be a quiet beach at sunset, or a clearing in a forest or meadow in the countryside. You have to imagine a walk in surrounding of nature and all the sensations associated with it - the rustle of trees, birdsongs and smell the flowers.

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  • Progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson Therapy)

    The mind can affect the body. Progressive muscle relaxation is an exercise in the opposite effect - by working with the body one can affect the mind.

    It has been proved that the progressive muscle relaxation affects not only the body but also the mind. Implementation of this type of exercise is very simple. It is based on conscious relaxation of the following parts of the body, best in the supine position. We focus on them and spin them, maintain tension for some time, and then relax the muscles.

    This method is suitable even for people very clipped, but in their case it should be used more frequently.

    Phases of the progressive muscle relaxation:
    - Tense the selected muscle groups
    - Keep the tension for a while
    - Relax the muscles
    To enhance the effect, while the physical relaxation you can repeat in your mind several times "I am relaxing my muscles", "my muscles are completely relaxed."

    Application of the progressive muscle relaxation:
    - Stress and tension
    - Headaches
    - Problems with sleep

    Procedure of the progressive muscle relaxation

    It can be very effective even if it is hard for you to really relax. This relaxation method is used in some cases hypnotherapy.

    Lie down comfortably in the warmth, peace and tranquility
    Close your eyes
    Focus on your right foot – tense it and relax several times, until you feel a complete relaxation. You can speak in your mind to enhance relaxation "my right foot is relaxing"
    Do the same thing with the left foot
    Subsequently with the calves
    Right calf and then the left calf
    Both legs at the same time
    With the buttocks
    With the belly
    With the back
    With the thorax
    With shoulders
    With the arms
    With the forearms
    With hands
    With the neck
    With the face (note, forehead should be cold, not hot!).
    With the whole head.

    Your entire body is now completely relaxed, pleasantly lazy, heavy and warm, and you're mentally relaxed.

    Repeat this phrase a few times in your mind.

    Feel, how you gently immerse into the bed. Feel the pleasure of your relaxation.