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Unclogging, cleaning, stabilization and strenghthening of the chakras

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Chacras A man needs energy to live. It is obtained through food and air. A man also needs more subtle energies. To obtain, process and send them to relevant areas, we use chakras - energy centers.
Each cell has chakra. Hence, there are many chakras. The points on the meridians (energy channels) that are subject to acupressure or acupuncture, are also chakras.

By the way, you should know that acupuncture has been recognized by the World Health Organization - WHO - as a regular medical procedure. Therefore, the authors of numerous books on acupuncture and acupressure are, in fact, doctors.

How chakra works? When it opens up, it draws energy and sends it to relevant areas within the body. When it closes, it removes waste energy. Hence, it works similarly to the lungs. When you inhale, that is "open", the lungs the air enters them. Oxygen is sent to the various organs. When you exhale, that is "close", the lungs - you get rid of waste air from them.

If the process of opening and closing the chakra is disturbed, organs for which the chakra corresponds can get sick. In addition, these disorders can cause emotional problems. They also hinder spiritual growth.
Dysfunctions of chakras are usually caused by negative emotions and other negative energies.

In this treatment, we will focus on the main chakras. I will cleanse your chakras, empower them and stabilize.

For this purpose, I need you to send me on my e-mail your photo. The photo should show the whole person.
Then you should pay the desired amount. When I get the desired amount, we can make an appointment for treatment. You can choose the day and time for the treatments. During the procedure, you should lie quietly or meditate. You can also sleep.
During the procedure, you should not be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, hypnotics and stimulants.

I'm doing treatments at a distance only - I live in another country.


35 USD
20 GBP
25 EUR
36 AUD

Bank account number:

Pekao SA
83 1240 4432 1111 0010 5694 6982

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive login data and other information necessary to use the course.
Paymants by pay pall will be available soon.

Do you want more details? Read website or contact me.

For all the questions I answer regularly.
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