Personal development and soft skills

In here you can find online courses, which will help you in personal development. In 2019 it will be courses on:
  • relaxation techniques and methods of stress management,
  • managing emotions and healing emotions,
  • assertiveness,
  • building positive personality,
  • improving self-esteem,
  • techniques for success.

HEAL YOUR EMOTIONS and get the emotional freedom

Get rid of negative emotions and build positive ones


Relaxation, stress and health

According to many scholars, stress is the cause of all illnesses and diseases since it lowers the body's immunity.

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It is also believed that stress increases the risk of cancer.
Furthermore, stress has a negative impact on mental health as well as the quality of work and relationships.

You don't have to give in to stress! You can overcome stress!

Learn how to relax effectively, increase resistance to stress and level its pernicious effects.
Sign up for an online course of relaxation techniques in theory and practice.

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Topics of the online course relaxation techniques:

1. Concepts of stress
2. Impact of stress on health
3. Simple relaxation techniques
4. Anti-stress physical exercises
5. Breathing exercises, acupressure, mudras, massage
6. Biofeedback, eutonia, music therapy, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation
7. Meditation
8. Self-suggestion, affirmation and self-hypnosis
9. Imagination in the service of relaxation
10. Diet, aromatherapy and herbs for stress
11. Assertiveness and control over emotions
12. Organizing one's own time

Price of the relaxation techniques online course and account number

The price of Relaxation techniques online course: 85 pounds (GBP), if you want to get diploma in pdf file on your e-mail address, 90 GBP, if you prefer to get the diploma by post (in UK area).
If you are from another country and would like to get your diploma via post, please, contact with me before to set a price for sending. Thank you.

Special offer - e-learning, online courses, distance learning NOW SPECIAL OFFER:: 60 pounds, if you would like to get your diploma in pdf file on your e-mail address, 65 pounds, if you prefer to get it via post.

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