Here you will find courses, which will help you in spiritual development. Improve your spiritual knowledge and skills!

HUNA in theory and practice

Get to know the secret of creating your reality. Fulfil your dreams and achieve your aims with Huna in theory and practice

HOW TO WORK WITH ENERGIES - aura, chakras and meridians

In this course, you will get to know, how to work effectively with your energetic bodies, chakras and meridians.

Besides, you will learn, how to diagnose your energetic system, and how it is connected with your body and mind.

CHAKRAS AND CHAKRA THERAPY - how to develop your chakras

If you:
  • Are interested in chakras,
  • Want to improve your spiritual development,
  • Want to improve your physical health,
  • Are interested in emotional healing,
  • then this course is for you.
More information after finishing the course preparation (late June, 2023).