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In here you can find special relaxing audios and videos for readers of my books and my students. They are free for personal using. You are welcome to use them whenever you want. Enjoy!

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Special free relaxing audios and videos for my readers and students. Get rid of stress!

According to many scholars, stress is the cause of all illnesses and diseases since it lowers the body's immunity.

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It is also believed that stress increases the risk of cancer .
Furthermore, stress has a negative impact on mental health as well as the quality of work and relationships.

You don't have to give in to stress! In here you can find relaxing audios and videos - free for personal usage of my readers and students after registration on the platform. Do them every day - thanks to this you can be calmer and healthier.
The amount of them will be higher and higher.
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Do you want to do and know more about stress releasing? Learn how to relax effectively, increase resistance to stress and level its pernicious effects.
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